Our stories are designed to challenge a child's critical thinking skills and vocabulary. When a child is keenly interested in something, their mind is fertile for learning.

Too often in today's busy world, stories are passive baby sitters rather than family fun time. Our stories are designed to be both. With exciting illustrations and fun story lines, your children can be self-entertained for hours.

However, our PAL (Parent Active Learning) process can help you take an active role in delivering our stories. As a parent, make sure you are familiar with our material so you can talk with your children regarding real-life issues such as name calling or bullying that our characters encounter in each story.

When your child has story related questions, take time to discuss the important issues with them. Every time they ask, "Why did that happen?" - "What does that mean?" or "What if that happened to me?" - it's your opportunity to be their PAL.

In this way, you can have fun family time while building your child's vocabulary and life-skills. Remember, a child is eager to learn when they are truly interested in something and our stories provide an excellent platform for this process.

The best part, the advice your child receives is coming from the most important person in their life, you . . . the parent

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