In a time long past, many unique species lived in this world. At first there was harmony among the diverse cultures. Unfortunately, greed, malfeasance and chaos crept into the world. Alliances were formed, barriers were raised and groups were forced to take sides. In time, many species stopped interacting with anyone outside of their own culture altogether.

One of the legends attributed to this time in history speaks of Wise One's who could change their appearance in order to travel between lands unnoticed. Some say their task was simply to document the happenings around them. Others believe they were sent to help nurture the "flow of life" that runs through every living thing and try to restore harmony.

Whichever version you choose to believe, one thing was certain. At the end of each journey, the Wise One would report their findings to the Crystal Fairies.

As the guardians of history, the Crystal Fairies recorded the stories and placed them in the Grand Hall of Journals. It is believed that these writings provide a window into a world that may hold the answers to our very existence. However, some fear that the secrets contained in the journals could unleash the magic that is thought to have brought an end to this period in history.

In a shocking revelation, The Grand Hall of Journals was recently uncovered by an archaeological team led by Professor J. Phinneas Albright. Professor Albright and his team have vowed to keep the location of the Hall a secret until they can determine if the information found in the journals could be misused by those wanting to harness the power of magic. Fortunately for the curious, Dr. Albright has agreed to release the stories one at a time to the general public, but only after they have been thoroughly vetted to ensure they are safe.

Current Books Being Released
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